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Most awaiting 5 LGBTQ+ Romance Novels to be Released In 2022

Love is love. feelings can’t have any kind of boundaries. But as we all know LGBTQ+ society is facing many challenges all around the world. A lot of Art pieces are being created around the world which is related to sexuality. Here we are going to discuss some interesting LGBTQ+ Romance novels we are looking forward to seeing in 2022.

#1 Love & Other Disasters by Anita Kelly

Date of release: January 18

What’s the story: 

It’s a new season of the cooking television program “Chef’s Special” and recently divorced Dahlia Woodson and recently out as a nonbinary London Parker are both there to be a winner. However, when they are lost in their fierce attraction and are forced to confront the reality that only one of them can remain in the game for the duration It raises the question of whether the two chefs who are rivals be a part of the future beyond the kitchen. The book is amazing in every way, and, as an added bonus fact, Kelly has also published a sexy romance novella known as Moonlighters which kicked off with the F/NB Sing However.

#2 D’Vaughn and Kris Plan a Wedding by Chencia C. Higgins

Date of release: January 25

What’s the matter: 

Kris and D’Vaughn have plenty of reasons to get married However, but none of these are related to being actually in the same relationship. For D’Vaughn this is the perfect opportunity for her to reach out to her mother. For Kris who is being on the reality show “Instant I Do is the best method to increase her popularity. The entire process takes six weeks long, which is nothing time to tell everyone you know, organize an unreal wedding, beat other contestants and…whoops you might even get married?

#3 Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

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What’s the story: 

Bellefleur’s third novel with the title written on the Stars passes the mic to Margot who’s been feeling a lot of fifth-wheel sensations recently despite her lack of plans to enter into an actual relationship. When she encounters her first lover, Olivia, who’s getting her post-divorce makeover in Seattle the whole world is thrown into confusion particularly when Margot gives Olivia a necessary location to sleep. Will Margot let herself be vulnerable to the woman who broke her heart once?

#4 I’m So (Not) Over You by Kosoko Jackson

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What’s it about: 

Kian’s ex broke up with him a few months ago and when Hudson is back in the picture the way he came, it’s not by holding his love in his fingers, however, but rather with an idea: He’d like Kian to pretend to be his lover, even if his parents visit. Of course, this isn’t the best idea when they become wedding partners, even though Kian is not upset about it. the wedding is an extremely publicized affair that will help him get closer to the perfect name to help his journalistic career. However, when emotions begin to take over the fakeness, Kian must decide how far he’s willing to let this fake love affair take him. A second-chance relationship or false dating? Yes, please!

#5 Delilah Green Doesn’t Care by Ashley Herring Blake

What’s the story: 

Blake’s smart and flirty debut into adulthood after years of publishing stunning Sapphic teens and middle grades novels that bring Delilah Greenback to a hometown that doesn’t even get to be called that. After losing both parents when she was a child, Delilah spent her childhood being a victim of her stepmother Isabel and they’ve allowed her to return to photograph her step-sister Astrid’s weddings and that means she’ll be being with her friends she is content to let go of when she was 18…including Claire Sutherland. However, the gorgeous single mom who is divorced is way sweeter and much more enjoyable than Delilah remembers, and now living within Bright Falls doesn’t seem so bad…


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