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10 Things Men Do To Impress Women That Are Actually Turn-Offs

Impressing women is an art that every guy should know.  It’s not something that women pick up or get stuck on. Men do a lot of things and are taught things they don’t want to do. If you don’t know what I mean, just think about some of the dates you’ve been on. The date goes well, but suddenly something goes wrong and she is freaked out.

Have you ever been there? Have you done or said anything to scare women away?

The problem is that you learned to seduce a woman thanks to men. Sorry to hear this from me, but… Men don’t know everything about women. In fact, most magical wisdom is off-limits to girls.

#1 Compliment her in a positive manner

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Telling a woman that you put her in a “happy” mood will make her feel better. This is the feeling that most people always like to send. You can also ask him what makes him happy in his life. This will make him feel better and ultimately create positive feelings to go along with you. This kind of positive comment is one of the 10 easy ways to impress a woman.

#2 Ask for advice

Whether you’re looking for a house or trying to get your boyfriend on a blind date, women are drawn to you when they ask for advice. It shows that you value other people’s opinions, especially theirs. However, be careful not to be ignorant; You don’t want to pretend you don’t know. You don’t want to embarrass him or make him feel uncomfortable. When seeking advice, ask for their views on disability. For example, should you move into a townhouse or loft? These types of questions facilitate the expression of opinions and encourage deeper discussion.

 #3 Compliment her looks

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I mean, you want to compliment her, but you want it to sound sincere. So we need something more original than “you have great eyes”. Try this: Compliment her outfit. Something like “You look good in that dress.” It’s a great way to tell her she looks hot without repeating the same compliment, and it also tells her that you’re attracted to her with a “cool jacket”! is not.

#4 open doors

Another entry in the list of top 10 ways to attract women: open the door for her. Opening the door for a woman is a classic gentlemanly gesture. The otherwise laudable pursuit of gender equality has largely eliminated such feats. Do your part in reclaiming your knighthood by opening the door.

 #5 Asking questions

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When you meet a woman, you should do everything you can to make her feel comfortable. That means steering the conversation to topics she enjoys discussing—topics like hers. Almost all women like to talk about themselves. After all, this is a subject in which he has considerable expertise. Asking questions about her past and what she likes can help her feel more open and confident, and help you understand more than just her looks. You can show that you care

#6 Ignore your phone

When you are with her, try to avoid using your mobile phone unless you have a very urgent matter, ladies love attention, caring and time for them, if you use a phone it’s also unethical therefore it is an important point, I think.

#7 Hanging out with friends

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When deciding whether or not to date a girl, you can evaluate her personality and appearance, her sense of humor, and her intelligence. Well, women do too, but they also think of our possibilities as partners. And one of the things that speak volumes about our abilities is our ability to fit into their social network. Women are attracted to likable, cheerful, charming men, men who love their friends and family. So hang out with your friends while you work your magic with it. You will dress him to dress him. Just make sure she’s the one you’re interested in.

#8 Show that you are a good future planner

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Women are mostly attracted to wise guys; they like it if boys think about the future and save money and buy luxury cars and invest money and earn extra income. Then they are also attracted and try to imitate you, and sometimes they will assist you if they are really interested in you.

#9 Be smart and dress neatly

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Even a clumpy facial hairstyle or a bit of body odor will ruin your chances with women. Women want men to look good. You always want to look good and smell good. You don’t necessarily have to be clean-shaven, but you do need to keep your facial hair neat. Please think about it, judge by the looks. Why don’t they do what you do?

#10 Looks into her eyes

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It’s tempting to look at a pretty girl from head to toe, and the prettier she is, the harder it is to concentrate on the conversation.


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