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30 Funny But Accurate Memes That Most likely Anyone Above 30 May have Related To

Something about reaching the age of 30 causes us to become more alert. We suddenly understand that this is the time where we anticipated having everything figured out. to joyfully cross the bridge into adulthood and put our carefree youth behind us. But most people will concur that turning a whopping 30 brings little delight. It frequently hangs over us, reminding us that we haven’t accomplished enough in our lives, and prompting us to wonder if there is still enough time.

But hold on! Not too awful, the 30s. This time is all about discovering life and having a better grasp of our true selves. There is also a lot to chuckle about because this decade has had so many highs and lows. The 30somethingaf Instagram account is the ideal place for irate millennials to vent and laugh at their pain, so allow us to present it to you. According to the creator, “somewhere between adulting and lighting the cat on fire,” they’re not too far off.

We have combed through their feed in search of some amusing memes and incredibly relatable jokes that capture the essence of life in our 30s.

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As of the time of this writing, it has accumulated over 429k lost souls searching for methods to relax amidst all the obligations pressing down on them. The entries in the feed include a wide range of topics related to daily living, which increases the relatability of the memes and jokes. As we enter our 30s, everyone’s journey is unique, according to the creator. Which contributes to why it’s so enjoyable to write about.































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