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20 Times People are Sharing Worst Things Someone Has Said to Them While They are on a Date

We all expect some fun in dating. It is something like a fresh meeting of two hearts that are intimates. However, This online thread tells us that any disgusting or funny thing can happen on a date.

In the thread, they are asking What’s the worst thing a person has said to you while on a date? People have listed many bad dating horror stories indicating that the person they want to fall in love with is probably not the right person for them. Batmanstitty has created the thread and many people have shared their experiences of bad dating under it in a quick time.

Check out the funniest and most memorable dates listed below which are tells us that it’s not only us who have bad and funny experiences in dating.

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First date, I order a mocktail and he says, “I’m not going to pay for your drinks unless there’s alcohol in them.”

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“Stop pulling away when I try to kiss you because people are looking and it makes me seem rapey”

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I can tell you are an only child because you have major personality flaws



We had a fun night having a personal date and then we pull up to his house for his birthday party, where I’m about to meet his family for the first time. He turns to me and says, “Oh btw my parents don’t like Mexicans.”
I am Mexican.



“So, aren’t you going to invite me to your place? I bought you lunch. You kind of owe me.” from a guy I met ONCE and had breath so bad I am surprised it didn’t melt the fork.



He got angry when I said I did not want to go further than kissing and denied him putting his hand under my shirt. His argument: “I have a relationship with your whole body! Not just your head!”



“You know what, I think I realise why no one wishes to dance with you” (leaves)

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We were about the same height and he said I could never wear heels around him. Little did he know, I can do what the f**k I want.



“If we do this long term, I’m gonna call the shots, you won’t work, you’ll stay home and raise the kids, you won’t be allowed to leave the house and only have friends over that I approve of, you’ll have life 360 on your phone with me being the only one to access it, and we’ll sell your car too so you have money to buy the heels I want you to wear and the makeup you’ll wear everyday” so I took a hard pass



After a mediocre date in every way – “On the next date, I would like you to not wear heels so I’m taller than you”. There was no second date



‘You don’t want any more kids? Don’t worry, I’ll change your mind and you’ll enjoy carrying my child.’
There was no second date and I ended up having to block him everywhere.



After hanging out for about 16 hours at her place, talking and later making out, she tells me: “Hey did you know I have a boyfriend?”
Took me 10 seconds to realize what she said and ask WTF.



Him: “I like choking my partner with a pillow during sex.”
Me: “Well, you have to be careful not to accidentally kill them though.”
Him: “Not really. I’ve always wanted to try necrophilia!”



Someone once repeatedly complimented my hair colour (natural blonde) and eyes, finishing with the line, “You really would be Hitlers wet dream…”

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“can we wrap this up i have another date at 8” i f**king hate tinder



Her phone rang. She answered it. I expected it was a friend calling to see if she wanted to be saved.
She got concerned and hung up and said “that was my ex. He got arrested. Can you bring me to the police station?”
So I did. I even helped them fill out some paperwork so he could get released. I took them to his car and she looked at me. I laughed and said “The date was over hours ago. Go” and she got out and they drove away.



After what I thought was a good date, we went for a couple of drinks, at the end of the night she told me “wow you really are a great guy, I just wish u were good looking”



“Wow, my boyfriend would love this place!”



It wasn’t so much what he said to me as much as the fact he tried to trade me to someone for cocaine. That person then looked me up & down & said, “Nah, but I’ll take her for a bump of meth”. My date considered it.
I got outta there. I was just like, “Nope, nope, don’t call me,” and I backed out of the restaurant because I didn’t want to turn my back on either of them.



“you’re ugly and your art sucks”
Got me both from the outside and inside



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