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This Online Group Shares How Awesome it Can be When Men Let Their Hair Grow (20 pics)

We all have seen women with long hair. But men rarely used to experiment with their hair as most people have framed their fashion sense in social’s judgments. This online group has shown how beautiful it can be when Men Let Their Hair Grow.

It’s quite interesting when fashion has no boundaries. Also, men can look fabulous when they have long hair than short hair.

For Men with Long(er) Hair is a group where people share their awesome grown hair. Some of them have posted the progress of their hair growth with time. If you have any idea to let your hair grow long, we will assure you that this will surely impress you. 

Take a look at some of the most fabulous long hairstyles men have worn.

#1 To one side, down front view, half up half down!

Frantic_Red420 via Reddit

#2 Messy asian flow

BogartBlackhole via Reddit

#3 Looking back as the new year starts. Might start out awkward and sketch but stick it out my dudes! It gets better!

Kyokenshin via Reddit

#4 Been a minute since I’ve updated with the flow. It’s not cooperating quite as well as it does on some days, but here it is – currently, the longest it has ever been. Thinking I might need to trim the very ends just a tad, but not sure.

pierce_out via Reddit

#5 About 2 years since I got my last buzz cut 🤓

dwrk7 via Reddit

#6 I never like wearing a hat in the winter unless I have to. Don’t wanna hide the flow!

Marjohh via Reddit

#7 Longest my hair had been, got it trimmed a few months later (just a light trim)

c0_sm0 via Reddit

#8 1 year, 11 months of growth from a buzz

Ilovekittensomg via Reddit

#9 Am i standing or sitting. Throwback to Arambol, Goa. Hope all have a sweet sunday. Keep Smiling:))

Dreadindian via Reddit

#10 How cute this is?

alexsamikr via Reddit

#11 Slightly greying but it’s ok

astorminheaven via Reddit

#12 Quick little car selfie to show off the hair

GordonFBR123 via Reddit

#13 I’m at a crossroads with my long hair. Something has to change but I don’t know what

yungseid via Reddit

#14 Almost 6 years growing! Keep it growing right?!

Smallcockthrwaway via Reddit

#15 Felt pretty good about it today

Cumedybungbung via Reddit

#16 I’ve been likened to a spaniel on multiple occasions

bloodring87 via Reddit

#17 🌈NorCal Love🏳️‍🌈

almondolphin via Reddit

#18 A fresh wash and blowout

jrosmojo via Reddit

#19 Trimming a couple inches off always brings out my curl pattern a bit

Due-Relationship-595 via Reddit

#20 Better days! Still waiting for it all to grow back. Definitely going to get the dusty blonde tips again

ManeProgress24 via Reddit


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