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Here are the Best Places to Experience Aurora northern Lights

The Aurora Northern Lights (aka the aurora borealis) ought to be on every astronomer’s list of celestial goals. TikTok and Instagram are full of aurora-chasing enthusiasts who spend a lot of time monitoring geomagnetic storms to observe the swirling streaks of green, pink, blue, yellow, and orange illuminating the sky. Most of the time, the Northern Lights are visible in locations such as Iceland, Norway, and Canada However, occasionally, the northern regions of the USA and UK are treated to a show, as well.

The lights could appear beautiful, but there’s an unromantic scientific explanation for these lights. It is believed that the Northern Lights may appear as an arc that curves around skies, along with ribbons of yellow, pink, and green that float across the dark. They brighten the sky when the gaseous particles of the Earth’s atmosphere and charged particles from the sun’s atmosphere come into contact and then are transported towards Earth by the sun’s wind.

This is why we can determine somewhat where it is possible to detect these objects. The planet’s magnetic field typically deflects them – however, this is less effective in the poles. So, somewhere in that Arctic Circle is your best option. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, they’re known as aurora australis. However, they’re more challenging to detect from the land.

To enjoy the best view For the best viewing experience, you’ll need to select a dark evening and observe the sky from November to March suggested. Please select a date with a new moon and ensure that it’s clean and there are no lights in the sky.

Are you willing to be amazed by something unique? Here are the top spots in the world to witness the Aurora Northern Lights.

#1 Norway

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The northern parts of Norway are conveniently incorporated into the Arctic circle. The long winter nights create perfect conditions for viewing the aurora. Troms o, the town TromsĀ is a trendy spot for those who hunt Northern Lights to stay. It is possible to see the northern lights in the area in itself.

If you’re looking to take your search seriously, there aren’t many destinations more suitable than Svalbard to spot the lighthouses. The northernmost settlement in the world, Svalbard, is in darkness almost all the time from November through February, giving excellent opportunities. Make sure to take an official trip instead of exploring the wilderness yourself. This is the territory of polar bears.

#2 Iceland

Reykjavik is a favorite among aurora-spotters, who set their camp in the city and travel out into the darkness at night on organized tours or rented vehicles. There are even lights at night in the town, especially in the Oskjuhlid forest. However, staying away from flashing lights will improve your chances. The Westfjords and North Iceland have longer hours of darkness, and clouds cover more often but statistically less frequently.

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#3 Canada

Although you may see them everywhere within Canada, most of Northern Canada falls into the Aurora Zone, so it is an ideal place to test your luck. It’s the Northwest Territories that are your best option. Churchill, located in northern Manitoba, can be another popular place with hunter-of-auroras such as Yukon, Nunavut, Newfoundland, and Labrador. It’s possible to be lucky during the winter months in Alberta in autumn when the lights are often seen at Banff National Park.

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