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This makeup artist creates amazing optical illusion arts on her face

Art is available in many kinds and styles, and makeup is one of the many types of art. The distinction in makeup is that a person, not the canvas, does it. By using makeup, individuals usually enhance their appearance, which is the primary purpose of makeup. However, it is art, and it can be employed to create contemporary art. this is about an amazing talent to make optical illusion arts on the face.

If you plan to create art using faces, it could not be easy since faces do not have a smooth surface as the typical art canvases have. However, this did not hinder this talented artist. Meet this incredible artist who goes by Mimi Choi (徐 婕) on social networks. She is well-known for the fantastic makeup art she creates on her face.

For more information, find the artist on Instagram, YouTube

These artworks are not just basic color games but are abstract and optical illusions. By using the human face’s shape, the artist artfully performs the art. If people take at her work, they’ll undoubtedly be confused by the illusion. They have also helped her build a massive fan base in a few days through social networks.

Many of us are following her social networks to see her impressive work and view her tutorials. The makeup artist proves that art doesn’t need to be defined in an exclusive realm, and art can be used to communicate emotions, ideas, and artistic talent. Mimi Choi (徐 婕) has proven herself to be an incredibly skilled and imaginative artist. Therefore, we considered collecting some of her work for you to look through.

Please browse through the list we’ve compiled below, and let us know what you think of Mimi Choi’s (徐 婕) work in the comment section.


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