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10 Best Surfing Locations You Must Try

Surfing is one of the most popular leisure activities all around the world. As we all know, There are natural beaches which have suited for surfing. This is about the Best surfing locations you can find around the world.

#1 Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii


When we talk about surf cannot forget Hawaii, Because surf was born in Hawaii. It creates something unique, tube after tube, just many dozen yards from the shore. It is very dangerous and is only for the most experienced surfers.

#2 Uluwatu, Bali


Uluwatu is one of the top-rated surfing destinations around the world. Asia’s best surf places, provide waves for all categories from absolute newcomers to skilled and pro surfers.

#3 Rincón,Puerto Rico


West Puerto Rico is known as the Caribbean’s surfing center, and it is home to a wide range of fantastic beaches, the most famous of which is Rincon. Since 1968, when the World Surfing Championships were hosted there, Rincon has been regarded as a renowned surfing destination.

#4 Nazare, Portugal


his natural marvel host the record-breaking 100-foot wave ever surfed. The big waves at Nazare are no doubt only for the most skillful and daring of surfers.

#5 Hoddevik, Norway


This better plot for the beginner or the surfer. The water is so cold, but with unoccupied beaches and great breaks, it’s better if you dressed appropriately. 

#6 Hossegor, France


The Landes seacoast in southwestern France, is another European surfing hotspot, with miles of beach waves and some spectacular pro-level tubes that rival Hawaii’s best.

#7 Playa Grande, Costa Rica


The waves are enough, and the surf breaks are highly consistent and moderate enough to accommodate all types of surfer. The highlight though is the year-round south swell. The water is warm throughout the year which makes for a

near-perfect surf experience.

#8 Tofo Beach, Mozambique


Regarding surfing, Mozambique is relatively unexplored. Plenty of surfable breaks run along the coastline of Mozambique. It’s a cozy place for both beginner and intermediate surfers. Skilled surfers can find more challenging breaks in the vicinity.

#9 Padang Padang, Bali


One of the most famous surfing spots, Padang Padang is best known for Padang Padang Left. Only Recommended for professional surfers. This is where skillful surfers come to test their skills and demonstrate.

#10 Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa


South Africa is a surfer’s paradise in general. Jeffery’s Bay could just as well take the medal for being the best. The bay features some of the most brilliant right-hand breaks ever witnessed.


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