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People Are Sharing these ridiculous differences between ordered vs received foods

How’s your experience in food ordering and receiving? As we all know, the food we order at restaurants doesn’t constantly appear precisely similar to what it does in the pics – and it’s absolutely normal. Usually, the pics in the menu or the commercial have been possibly taken in a studio by professionals who do it for a living. 

However, we still expect the food to appear as a minimum somewhat similar to the commercial we see– and at the same time there might be some situations when we receive food that makes us question whether it’s the same thing we ordered

People who received meals that appear virtually not anything like what they ordered is sharing ‘expectations vs. reality’ photos, and they’re absolutely hilarious and some of them make us laugh. But the feeling who received them would be anger of course.

Someone has received bruschetta that seems like burnt pizza crusts, while someone else receiving some pretty disappointing burgers. Surely it will be interesting to check out these ridiculous differences between ordered vs received foods in restaurants in the pictures below!

#1 What he received as a “grande stacker box”

bobbybudnick7 via Reddit

#2 Southwestern Steak Salad Pictures Vs Reality

Hayes via Twitter

#3 Cheese fries from Buffalo Wild Wings


#4 “Top is menu bottom is what they served me. No, millennials didn’t kill Appleby’s, they committed suicide”

myeverymovment via Reddit

#5 Grill Dog Cheddar and Bacon

victorius21 via Reddit

#6 “The 3 pieces of lettuce was a nice touch I guess”

foxesmulder via Reddit

#7 “A Texas sized disappointment”

YetiPie via Reddit

#8 “Restaurant’s charcuterie board as advertised vs what I got”

CageyCanadian via Reddit

#9 “Expectation vs 2020”

r/shittyfoodporn via Reddit

#10 “why do you treat me this way?”

rebel_nature via Reddit

#11 “A Texas sized disappointment”

Plato2066 via Reddit

#12 “Jack in the Box Tacos”

GenieOfTheLamp510 via Reddit

#13 “Damn, I am so looking forward to eating this delicious burger with copious amounts of Guacamole, just as advertised, and then- oh wait..”

siriusblackisgay via Reddit

#14 “Dreams Were Dashed At The Airport”

Bitter-Arachnid via Reddit

#15 “Subway Pizza”

d1h982d via Reddit

#16 “Cookies and Cream Stuffed French Toast”


#17 “I ordered bruschetta from my local pizza shop”

Flyingforme via Reddit


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