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Most unique and Weird Asian food cultures

When it comes to food, we cannot forget the uniqueness and variety of Asia food cultures Especially many people love to travel to Asian countries to experience their foods which are quite interesting and also someone can find weird at the same time. That’s how different and unique their food cultures are.

While Exploring different foods around the world, you obviously won’t miss the tastes of Asia.

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#1 Weaver ant eggs in Thailand

Image Source: www.istockphoto.com

Thailand is one of the central touristic hubs in Asia and eating weaver ant eggs is one of the most interesting and unique culinary in this country. Most of the time you can find this interesting food as street food most of the time they are wrapped in banana leaves which makes it even more interesting. Also, you can find them in restaurants as stir-fries and a variety of soups.

#2 Tuna eyeball in Japan

Image Source: themadtraveler.com

Japan is one of the best countries where you can find some interesting and unique delicacies and tuna eyeballs are also one of the best delicacies you can find in this country. However, it is quite pricey when it comes to tuna eyes.

#3 Tarantula in Cambodia

Image Source: www.intrepidtravel.com

Cambodia is really famous for having spiders as one of their delicacies and this tarantula is the newest trend that you can find in Cambodia. Most of the time you can find this delicacy coated in sugar or garlic. Those who have tasted this have commented that it is quite similar to having chicken or cod.

#4 Stinky tofu in China

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

Many people love to enjoy Chinese cuisine because of the muckbang that they often see on social media and there are lots of delicacies you can find in China. Stinky tofu is known to be one of the unique food you have to try but due to the pungent nature of this tofu some people hate it but some love it. If you can bear this stinky feeling you should also definitely give it a try.

#5 Snake and scorpion wine in Vietnam

Image Source: localvietnam.com

No matter where you go around the world people would definitely love to try some wine that is unique to that country. It is quite interesting to find out that in Vietnam there are snake and scorpion wine which is quite unique and interesting at the same time. Along with lots of medicinal plants and herbs, this knee can scorpion wine is made. But you would never notice the difference in taste because it does not give you a sick feeling like you see a scorpion or a snake.

These are some of the best and most interesting food you can find in Asian countries. When you travel to Asia you should not forget to try one of these delicacies despite their weird nature of them.


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