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9 Astonishing Abandoned Locations you must visit

There’s something eerie and intriguing about abandoned sites. If it’s a train burial ground in Bolivia or one of the Art Deco subway stations underneath New York City or a village surrounded by dunes of sand along Namibia’s coast Namibia Every place is a glimpse of the past frozen in time. Visit these stunning locations around the globe. They are stark memories of how things were once stunning beauty reflected in the broken glasses and shreds of dust.

Gereja Ayam (“Chicken Church”), Magelang, Indonesia

If you’re ever in the middle of Java, there’s a chance you’ll find a shabby church that is equally awesome and difficult to understand: Gereja Ayam, also called”the “Chicken Church.” The church (which was designed by the architect to take the form of a dove – nice try!) began operations in the late 1990s and was used as a rehabilitation and worship space for all religions. However, the construction costs were soon too high, and the church was shut down in the year 2000.

Tianducheng, Hangzhou, China

Image Source: www.ststworld.com

This isn’t an image from post-apocalypse Paris. The picture is of China’s Tianducheng district, a miniature replica of France’s capital city, situated just 40 minutes from Hangzhou. The huge (yet unsuccessful) real estate development was constructed in 2007, including its Champs-Elysees and the 300-foot Eiffel Tower. The problem is that China’s attempts to recreate Paris City of Light ended up being more spooky and spooky, almost as though honest Paris abruptly entered the upside-down.

Rummu Prison, Estonia

Estonia’s half-emerging Rummu Prison might be the most frightening out of all underwater locations globally. The prison was constructed in the Soviet Union and filled with prisoners. During the 1940s, inmates were compelled to work in a nearby quarry. The prison was closed after Estonia became independent in 1991. The absence of supervision caused the quarry to become flooded with water rapidly.

Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat was one of the cities most affected by the Chornobyl nuclear catastrophe in 1986. The event released massive quantities of radiation and forced the inhabitants to flee. It is now among the most famous abandoned locations around the globe due to the ghostly images of what used to be the schoolhouse with toys and clocks that were all frozen at the same time and the famed decaying amusement park.

Houtouwan, Shengshan Island, China

Houtouwan is a former fishing village situated approximately 87 miles to the southeast of Shanghai. It’s been abandoned for many decades. However, it’s not your typical ghost town. Instead of being covered in rubble and dust, These buildings are completely covered in the lush greenery of creeping ivy, creating a green landscape that is far more impressive than a savage. The majority of the original residents were relocated in the 1990s, a handful of people remain on the island and sell water to curious tourists and photographers.

Dome Homes, Marco Island, Florida

Image Source: floridaadventuresandrentals.com

If Luke Skywalker lived in Florida, it is possible to see him sitting at one of the Dome Homes off the tip of Marco Island. The eerie-looking homes were the idea of a retired oil tycoon who constructed the houses in 1981 to serve as a green holiday home for his loved ones. However, Florida is Florida, and severe weather and eroded shorelines covered Dome Homes with water and made them inaccessible.

The Maunsell Sea Forts, England

Image Source: www.historyhit.com

While they appear to be the props in the H.G. Wells movie adaptation, massive towers made of metal located in the Thames estuary were actually constructed to shield England against German air attacks during the Second World War. The forts were dismantled in the 1950s and the towers that were abandoned were utilized for pirate radio operations during the decades following.

City Methodist Church, Gary, Indiana

city methodist church, gary, indiana

It is known as the place of birth for Michael Jackson (and the setting of the film Music Man, evidently), Gary, Indiana, is also the home to one of the most beautiful creepy, abandoned churches in America. The church was built in 1926 using money from U.S. Steel. The City Methodist Church is a nine-story wonder adorned with Gothic architectural style stones, stone pillars, and stained glass windows.

Great Train Graveyard, Uyuni, Bolivia

Uyuni is mostly known for its salt flats as well as lakes red; however, the Bolivian region is also home to an unusual tourist attraction – a “cemetery” of abandoned, vintage trains. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, efforts were drawn up to improve the transportation system in Uyuni and construct more tracks for trains across the city. However, the plans were halted because of technical problems and tensions with indigenous inhabitants.

Ponyhenge, Lincoln, Massachusetts

Image Source:thedaintysquid.com

Anything with the suffix the word “henge” is usually shrouded in mystery and intrigue; however, Massachusetts “Ponyhenge” might be our new most-loved. The name itself suggests that Ponyhenge is a group of horse-shaped plastics and plastic ponies sitting beautiful (and frighteningly) on a field 14 miles to the west of Boston.


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