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3-Badly Under-Watched But Really Interesting Movies from 2021

We have seen good things are going unpopular sometimes. But the quality of the product remains the same as the spirit they belong to. Chattello found some Badly Under-Watched But Really Interesting Movies from 2021 that didn’t go as viral enough as they were worth to be.

Have a look at the list below and comment with us your thoughts on these art pieces.

#1 The hand of God

Hand of God is an Italian film that is currently shortlisted for International Feature Film at the 2022 Academy Awards. Moreover, this movie is the writer-director Paolo Sorrentino’s most personal film. He has also won the International Film category with the movie Great Beauty. He maintained his well-known skills in the film industry from those works, mainly for American audiences.

Image Credit: thetimes.co.uk

The setter of this story was created in 1980 in Naples, Italy.

The story portrays a teenager who has no goals and hopes because of the unexpected situations in his life. He loses and struggles with everything due to the sudden changes in his life.

He overcomes all the obstacles while fighting with the painful reality. Anyhow he succeeded with his talents.

Image Credit: creenrealm.com

This is not a religious film with beliefs in gods and divine mysteries. This is the story of world-famous football player star Diego Maradona’s journey as a football player. It is a visually stunning movie with the magnificent scenery of the countryside of Naples.


Image Credit: berklee.edu

CODA is a compelling story. And the movie is full of Oscarworthy

performances, And it provides a good feeling all over the film. Besides that, it is an emotional film with a sad ending with lots of heart-touching moments.

Among the list of Siân Heder’s films

This is the most famous film. It has deserved the home Audience Award at Sundance, And it was sold to Apple company in 2021 for $25 million.

Image Credit: berklee.edu

Ruby’s character plays a huge role in this play while struggling with her dreams, desires, and responsibilities. She is the only one who has hearing ability in her family.

Image Credit: apple.com

Furthermore, Ruby also handles the family business (Locke and Key star Emilia Jones), a teenage girl and the only hearing member of her family. Marlee Matlin and Troy Kotsur are deaf actors, and they have well performed their characters with an emotional cense as ruby’s parents. Therefore this is a precious film with a lot of standards.

#3 Bergman Island

Image Credit: bergmanisland.movie

When you wake up from a dream, you know you’re not exactly sure what’s real and what isn’t?

Waking up from a dream is a beautiful thing. Sometimes we cannot think about what’s going on because some dreams are mysterious and unbelievable.

Can you imagine why I have done that, or did I do that actually with them?

You have a mental chatter in your mind.

Image Credit: nytimes.com

Regarding this film, two married American filmmakers, Chris and Tony, went to Fårö Island, the southeast coast of Sweden, where Ingmar Bergman shot most of his movies. They had worked on separate projects. They hoped that the island would inspire them. However, while Chris was writing the screenplay, Amy and Joseph’s characters came to life, appearing between fantasy and reality. 

Image Credit: afcinema.com


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