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This Artist Makes Funny Illustrations To Visualize Cultural Differences Between The East And West

People began to notice cultural differences that are still present today since we are able to travel the world and see different nations. Traveling is enjoyable because it forces you to leave your normal environment and enter brand-new, uncharted territory. Yang Liu, a young artist from Beijing who is currently residing in Germany, uses her project “Ost trifft West,” or “East Meets West” which sends a strong message about the differences she personally experienced, to illustrate the social and cultural differences between her Eastern and Western worlds.

A series of infographic posters called “Ost trifft West” accurately and amusingly contrasts German and Chinese individuals. The infographics emphasize crucial human components.

Important human characteristics including mood, opinion expression, and self-perception are highlighted in the infographics.

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Yes, there are cultural distinctions all around the world, including those that Liu has illustrated, such as those that pertain to social mores, family structure, religion, and cuisine. There are many elements that affect how we see and interact with the world around us, including historical, geographic, economic, and social ones.

No matter how close or far you are from home while moving to a new nation, the beginning can be fairly difficult and time-consuming. It may be necessary to adapt to a new culture and take on some of its values, beliefs, customs, and behaviors in order to accomplish so. The best approach to begin is by establishing new connections and remaining open-minded.

We might see more of ourselves on one side of Liu’s images than the other, which may lead us to wonder what else has changed. Does that impact our mental health in any way? Could I possibly acquire new skills and use them to improve my life?

Here are some of his illustrations from the “East Meets West” Book

Dealing with problems

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Society and seniors

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Streets in sundays

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