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Most Creative Outfits from the World Of WearableArt Competition 2022

World of WearableArt (WOW) is an organization that promotes creative fashion designing and works on bringing them into the real world. They started the Annual WOW awards with the idea introduce new designers into the world by bringing them into a big stage.

As part of the competition, an incredible stage show is put on in New Zealand that draws in designers from all over the world working on the cutting edge of fashion, art, design, costume, and theatre.

We could see many artistic, dramatic, and ingenious outfits on display at this year’s WOW Awards Show. Kate MacKenzie won the show with her “Wanton Widow” dress. In the gallery below, you can see some of this year’s best outfits. 

They have also provided a chance to join them as a designer And also if you wish to participate in this great competition. They are looking for entries targeting the competition of the World Of WearableArt Competition 2023.

You can find more information on the World of WearableArts website.

#1 Supreme WOW Award Winner – “Wanton Widow

Kate MacKenzie, New Zealand / WOW

#2 Dame Suzie Moncrieff Award – “Dark Alien Doctor

Cecilio Castrillo, Spain / WOW

#3 Aotearoa Section – “Fera Dei

Fifi Colston & Bruce Mahalski, New Zealand / WOW

#4 Avant-garde Section – “Documental

Bethany Cordwell, Australia / WOW

#5 Monochromatic Section – “Life

Sun Ye, Ma Yuru & Zhou Honglei, China / WOW

#6 Architecture Section – “Hidden Layers

Anna Weszelovszky, Hungary / WOW

#7 Elizabethan Era Section – “Madame Paon DorĂ©

WOW 2022 Monday 22 Sept Dress Andi Crown / WOW

#8 First-time Entrant Award – “Glistening Gothic Tracery

Colleen Muscha & Christina Marullo, United States / WOW

#9 Student Innovation Award – “Beneath

WOW 2022 Monday 22 Sept Dress Andi Crown / WOW

#10 Sustainability Award – “Haerenga (Journey)

Christopher Davis, New Zealand / WOW

#11 Wearable Technology Award – Little Electric Dress (LED)

Dinah Walker & Mark Walker, New Zealand / WOW

#12 New Zealand Design Award – “Elizabeth & Her Lady

Carolyn Gibson & Joelle March, New Zealand / WOW

#13 International Design Award: United Kingdom & Europe – “Andromeda

Cecilio Castrillo, Spain / WOW

#14 International Design Award: Asia – “Neoru

Jayati Saraf, Pearl Academy, India / WOW

#15 International Design Award: Americas – “Elizabethan Jester

WOW 2022 Wednesday 28 September ACP / WOW

#16 International Design Award: Australia & Pacific – “Revolution

Hanna Smith, Australia / WOW

#17 Emerging Designer Award – “The Giant Purse

Thao Nguyen, Vietnam / WOW


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