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Most Beautiful traditional Wedding Outfits from Different Cultures

Finding the ideal wedding dress is a highlight for many future Mrs.’ all around the world. The traditions of the bride’s family and country of origin are not necessarily the ones she will choose to observe on her wedding day. However, some of the traditional wedding clothes from throughout the world can’t be beat, no matter how lavish the event.



The bride in a traditional Japanese wedding typically wears not one but multiple dresses, the colors of which are white and crimson.


The cheongsam, also known as the qipao, is a type of traditional Chinese clothing worn by brides in China.



Women in Pakistan look stunning in the traditional attire of the country, which consists of the veil, loose-fitting slacks, and a brilliantly colored tunic known as the gharara. It’s not uncommon to see a bride with a brightly colored gown and a veil with sparkling jewels to complement her ensemble.

Feast of the New Moon The Indian Wedding


Brides in Indian culture frequently choose clothes in shades of pink or red for their nuptial ceremonies. It is common practice for married women in the north to have a red dot tattooed in the center of their forehead.



In the traditional Malay wedding, the bride wears a crown to symbolize her status as the center of the event. The tudung, or hijab, covers her hair for modesty, and the selendang, or shawl, adds a decorative layer on top.

Mongolian Beautiful traditional wedding outfits


The bride and groom both don traditional Mongolian wedding garments called Deals during the ceremony. Central Asian nomads, like the Mongols, have been donning elaborately patterned garments called Deals for ages.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a largely Buddhist population, and as a result, the country’s wedding rituals tend to be rooted in the Buddhist faith. Neath, the Auspicious Time, is when weddings take place, and it is during this time that a rite called the Poruwa takes place, accompanied by drummers and dancers known as the Kandyan.



To complete the traditional bridal look in Howick, a town in central Poland, brides traditionally wear a veiled cap, which is the subject of its own ritual (known as “oczepiny”) during the wedding.



The brides in Moroccan weddings are considered to look stunning in their lavish gowns, and the weddings themselves are known for their grand scale and colorful decorations. Moroccan kaftans, known as Takeshita’s, are worn by wedding-day brides and on the wedding day itself.

Celebration of Matrimony in the Ghanaian Tradition

All the guests at a traditional Ghanaian wedding will be dressed in bright colors, and the bride and groom will wear traditional garments with patterns that are unique to their families.


Different islands in Indonesia may have very different wedding traditions. The country’s diverse population of nearly 300 distinct ethnic groups and six recognized religions makes it an important meeting place for people from all over the world.



In and of itself, Peru is a vibrant and playful place. The bride and her attendants wear brightly colored skirts, and the groomsmen wear ponchos and sandals to maintain the theme throughout the ceremony. Due to their importance, the Bride and Groom typically receive one-of-a-kind skirts and ponchos to ensure their comfort throughout the festivities.


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