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7 shocking facts about Nature’s Wonders you’d never think of ever

Even the most meticulous scientists and skeptics who are apathetic can’t resist being awed by the beauty of Nature. The beauty of the Grand Canyon, the intensity of hurricanes, or the intricate beauty of a beautiful butterfly, The world around us truly is fantastic. The most impressive aspect of Nature is that there’s constantly new information to be learned and new sights to take in. Therefore, we’ve collected some of the most shocking, hilarious, and just plain bizarre details about Nature’s marvels that will help you gain an even greater appreciation for the Earth’s wealth.

#1 Acacia trees could warn each other of danger

shocking facts about Nature's Wonders

Arcadia trees throughout the African Savannah possess a unique defense mechanism. When animals such as antelopes begin to eat their leaves, the tree boosts tannin production up to levels threatening animals.

However, it’s not the only thing. The tree releases an ethylene gas cloud that moves through the air, eventually reaching other trees so that they can produce more tannins.

#Owls don’t have eyeballs

Instead, they have more accurately called eye tubes. Since they can’t move their eye tubes around, they have developed fantastic neck flexibility to perceive the world around their necks. They can rotate their heads 360 degrees, and humans only manage about 180 degrees.

In the end, the owls possess a specific blood vessel system within their skulls that keeps fresh blood flowing to the brain after the head turns, quickly cutting off blood flow.

#3 In space, metallic, can be welded by itself


On Earth, it is necessary to heat to melt metal. However, in space, 2 pieces made of the exact type of metal can be fused by a small amount of pressure. This is known as “cold welding” and happens due to the absence of an atmosphere.

#4 There are 28 varieties of “corpse flowers”


It is possible that you don’t know about the plant the genus Rafflesia. However, you’ve probably been aware that it is the “corpse flower,” a unique type of plant that draws pollinating insects to its enormous flowers with a scent resembling death and decay.

In actuality, there are 28 species of this solitary, leafless plant. The flowers vary in size from five inches up to forty inches. Most flowers require between six and nine months to develop and start to degrade in a matter of days.

Fun fact Interesting fact: Pokemon Characters Vileplume Gloom and Vileplume Gloom were inspired by this unique flower.

#5 Giraffes are baby giraffes who use their butts to make pillows

@fahmitsu Via Twitter

While adult giraffes generally rest on their backs, baby Giraffes can get more settled. They lay in the dirt and use their flexible necks, turning around to place their noggins onto their backs. It’s not exactly comfortable; however, it makes a cute impression!

#6 The most deadly weather phenomenon

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding can destroy entire towns at the same time. However, the weather phenomenon that is most dangerous to human beings is heated.

Examining the figures from the last three decades, there were 70 fatalities from tornadoes per year and floods. The average was 81, while heat resulted in around 130 deaths yearly. If you do not have cooling or enough water, extreme heat could cause death.

#7 Cows kill more people than sharks

The truth is that Jaws exaggerated things way out of proportion for sharks. Based on the Center for Disease Control, sharks kill an average of four people yearly. Meanwhile, cows take on ordinary 22 people per year. Although some deaths are due to accidents on the road, 75 percent were targeted attacks that were planned.
“What’s chilling is that, in five cases, people were killed by multiple cows in group attacks,” one Gizmodo reporter wrote. “Group attacks can be surprisingly well-coordinated. When they feel defensive, cows will gather in a circle, all facing outwards, lowering their heads, and stamping the ground. When they’re feeling offensive, certain cows lead the charge.”


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