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A Group of Chefs is Sharing Secret Cooking Tips That Can Help You Perform Well in the Kitchen

Cooking is an artistic statement that anyone can master with consistent practice, comprehension, and technique. But, irrespective of whether you’re a genuine foodie who can whip up Fine dining meals at the fall of a hat or an enthusiastic newbie with such a sudden urge to expand your horizons, your inner chef can always use some hints and tips to drastically improve your cooking. This group of chefs is sharing secret cooking Tips you must know that can help you perform well in the kitchen.

Fortunately, helpful ‘Ask Reddit‘ professional chefs are on hand to assist. They have banded together in one prevalent thread to help us look for ways to enhance our home-cooked foods and have actually offered a few of their great kitchen hacks that work effectively.

#1 The most dangerous thing in the kitchen is a dull knife

You must definitely use good sharp knives for kitchen use. There’s a saying, “Absolutely! You can use a blunt knife to kill someone, but you can’t finely chop an onion for a delicate Beurre Blanc sauce.”

#2 Save both your time and food

Cooking an excessive amount of one thing. That’s your base for tomorrow’s dinner. Like, you can double the amount of chicken today, so all you have to do later this evening was make a salad and top it off with the chicken. And you have the remaining salad and will make tacos tomorrow. Again, you got the remaining taco ingredients for huevos the following day, and on and on. It’s half the work, perfectly healthy, and you’ll never get exhausted from leftover food.

#3 Do not cook in a dirty kitchen, Clean while you are cooking

#4 Organizing everything before cooking

It seems difficult. But it will come in handy later. Try organization, Neatness, frugality, and
cleanliness – cooking will become easier and more enjoyable. Everything is in its proper place. Before you start assembling, plan ahead, cut it up, quantify, remove the skin, and arrange all of it. By doing a little planning the day before, you will be able to have a full roast chicken meal on the table in a couple of hours… from the ground – up. Given that everything has been measured and weighed.

#5 Learn how to make different kinds of dishes

Do experiments, and always try to learn new methods, and new dishes from all around the world. You can read cookery books, or you can watch cookery channels. Always be updated.

#6 First thing first

Before you start cooking, heat up your pan and oil. If the food is not hot, the oil simply absorbs into it.

#7 Quality constituents, make your meal perfect

Use quality constituents, you don’t have to use the best one. But at least try to use good ingredients.

#8 Overcooking will cost your food

Do not overcook your food, except eggplants, as chefs say “Don’t overcook stuff, except eggplant. Cook the f**k out of eggplant, then cook it some more.”

#9 Salt

When you Boil things like noodles, potatoes, and pasta, add a little more salt. FYI- When you initiate boiling potatoes in cold water, they cook quite equally (dropping them into a boiling pot cooks the outside of the potatoes faster than the middle).


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