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Have you ever thought of these Fun Ways To Become More Active throughout the day

You, like the average American, presumably spend a great deal of time sitting, be it in a car, an office chair, or even just on the sofa. Too much sitting increases cancer risk, including for the breast and colon, even if you counteract it with exercise. The vice of excessive TV-viewing television has been linked to a shorter lifespan in a new study.

#1 Get Up and Stand Up While You’re Working.

Many of us sit for long periods at our desks each day, wasting the chance to burn hundreds, if not thousands, of calories. A standing desk might be the solution. “Since standing causes the body more strain than sitting does, it will result in a greater caloric expenditure,”

#2 Put the baby (or the spouse) in the stroller and go for a stroll.

The ability to interact with one another in person, without the distraction of electronic devices, is a great perk. Have fun by going on a scavenger hunt or checking out some new areas.

#3 In particular, when done in company, hiking is a great time.

Put on some shoes, emerge from your cave, and see what the rest of the world has to offer! If you’re looking for a nearby hiking site, be sure to consult our Beginner Hiking Guide.

#4 Give the 10-Minute Workout a shot.

Are you housebound? This brief at-home Workout will get your heart rate up and get your brain working better.

#5 Take a stroll and have a chat.

Suppose you’re glued to your phone for business calls. Walk and talk as part of your daily routine. Some establishments even provide walking trails so that employees may burn calories while they work.

#6 Dancing.

I mean, have you ever tried your hand at some serious swing dancing? Within ten minutes, you’ll start to perspire. What about some hip-hop? So exhausted and sore the next day that you’re drenched in perspiration.

#7 “I’m not really sporty.”

I have recurring dreams about Being athletic or incredibly coordinated is not a prerequisite for working out. Concentrate on simple means of increasing your activity level, such as going for walks or swims or doing additional chores around the house. Something that motivates you to get up and move around.

#8 Set up a system for keeping track of your ideas.

Not the most exciting way to kill time, but now that you’re not pounding beers at the Student Union bar, you can get around to filing away the stacks of textbooks and stacks of loose lecture notes that have accumulated in your room.

#9 Always hang out with positive people.

Spend as much time as possible with the Don’t feel confined to your seat. Colleagues and friends who inspire the best in you. Being around people who are upbeat and share your interests will boost your spirits.

However, spending time with people with whom you don’t connect, who have a pessimistic outlook, who are constantly complaining, or who make poor decisions, will only deplete your reserves. Pick your friends carefully.

When you’re around people who drain your reserves, it’s important to protect yourself by establishing limits and boundaries.

#10 Launch a reading competition.

A reading challenge can be a fun and effective way to increase your reading for pleasure, the sort of person who does well with structured goals. Allows you to connect with other readers and set a goal for how many books you want to read this year, as well as share your thoughts and recommendations.

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