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Why turtles are so adorable and ridiculous? See these 20 beautiful captures

If you want to get a pet but don’t want to get a dog or a cat, some people say that getting a turtle is one of the best options. A lot depends on the individual. But some people consider these creatures to be ideal pets. Because they live longer and don’t require as much energy as, say, dogs.

Turtles may appear to be a rare choice for a pet. But here are some instances when people online decided to share their adorable pet turtles or pictures that capture how amazing they truly are.

We frequently hear two names that refer to turtles

This is a turtle and a tortoise. What’s the distinction between these two creatures? The main distinction is that turtles live mostly in water. They only occasionally appear on land, whereas tortoises live entirely on land. They also differ in appearance: turtles are flat and light, whereas tortoises are thicker and heavier. Turtles can live for 20 to 40 years, while tortoises can live for 60 to 80 years.

Turtles may appear to be easier to care for than other pets while other pets require constant supervision, at least twice a day outside time, and special foods or vitamins. These creatures, too, require special attention. One of the main reasons to think twice about getting a turtle as a pet is that it carries salmonella bacteria that can be transmitted to humans.

Turtles require the proper lighting, temperature, and filtered water to grow and be happy in their environment. Given how long turtles live, people should think twice before purchasing one. Even if the responsibility does not frighten you, getting a turtle from an animal shelter is recommended.

When a person realizes that they will be unable to care for their pet, the best thing to do is to contact an animal shelter or animal rescue group. It is illegal to release them with the expectation that they will be able to care for themselves in the wild. This is not permitted because turtles carry diseases that can infect other turtles. Furthermore, releasing a turtle into the wild usually means that they will not survive on its own.

Which of these do you prefer? Let us know.

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#1 A 100 Years old Turtle

 Mono_420 Via Reddit

#2 “I crocheted our tortoise a Tank sweater. She is now Frank the Tank”

WYOmomming Via Reddit

#3 “My self isolation buddy “

Robert Irwin Via Twitter

#4 “My grandfather built a floating dock for turtles in the lake by their house, and the turtles love it!”

Marsarose Via Reddit

#5 Human wall to guide baby sea turtles to the sea

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire

#6 Baby snapping turtles look just like little dinosaurs

 Brick_in_the_dbol Via Reddit

#7 “Super happy flying turtle”

gur4red via imgur.com

#8 The turtle got some partners


#9 “This turtle who loves getting his little tummy brushed”

ShopandGuide via imgur.com

#10 “What do these two do on another cold day? . . . Snuggle under the heat lamp of course! Just look at that side eye!”


#11 He has got another cover


#12 “Welcome to the world baby Razorback”

42acorns via Reddit

#13 “Happiness is a turtle eating a slice of orange”

MyGenericCleverName via imgur.com

#14 “A Fernandina tortoise, presumed to be extinct since 1906, has been FOUND! She was discovered in an expedition by Forrest Galante. This tortoise was hiding in the brush of a volcano in the Galapagos and was identified by the look of her shell and face.”

#15 Releasing


#16 “Franklin met a new friend today!”


#17 “Ever seen a bucket of baby sea turtles? Got to release them last night into the ocean”

Redandbluemakepurple via Reddit

#18 “He do be gamin doe”

u/smallsamuraix via Reddit

#19 “Today a Yellow Turtle was rescued from a Pond in Burdwan,WB. It’s one kind of a rarely occuring Flapshell Turtle”

Debashish Sharma, IFS via Twitter

#20 “Bonnie and Clyde are two very different turtles in the morning”

u/jmreyes512 via Reddit


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