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What Does the Shape of Your Face Tell About Your Personality

It is possible to have a sort of feeling about someone just by looking at their face. Face-to-face communication is an effective and accurate way to get acquainted with someone and make the right choice to follow when dealing with issues with someone. Have you heard somewhere about how the shape of Your Face Tell About Your Personality?

Following an ancient practice of Chinese facial reading, there is a tendency to be a pattern of facial characteristics common to those with specific facial forms.

Jean Haner, the author of the book The Wisdom of Your Face, believes that you can determine what people think and feel and how they behave by looking at your face.

It could be a straight-up rectangle or straight-up diamond form, or one of two, but regardless of what face shape you’ve got, you can be sure that it’s informing the public about every detail about you.

Here are seven kinds of facial shapes and what they reveal about you.

1. Face with a heart

A heart-shaped face is If you have a prominent forehead and your face curves towards the chin, creating the shape of an upside-down triangle. Faces with hearts are intelligent, deep thinkers who are eager to learn every day as much as possible.

They’re highly intuitive, creative, and possess a sense of force. They’re pushy, stubborn, and prone to financial issues in challenging economic times.

2. Face with a rectangle-shaped shape

You have a large forehead, a broad jawline, and a large cheek. You’ve got the shape of a rectangle. You’re a fan of logic and are an excellent planner and thinker.

You’ve got an inclination to overthink things and to hold onto your emotions. It is possible to get rid of the emotional energy that has been stored up and over-thinking by hitting the gym regularly.

3. Face with a triangle-shaped shape

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Your face will be triangular when it’s smaller on the forehead and broad (or flares out) on the jawline. You’re confident, assertive, and social, and you love people and are at the helm.

There are times when you may suffer from anger and control issues and tend to be impatient. However, your determination and interpersonal capabilities will bring you success.

4. Diamond-shaped face

If the largest area of your face lies in the middle, with an elongated chin, then you’re a diamond-shaped person. Diamond-shaped individuals are typically perfectionists and are self-confident, strong-willed individuals who make excellent leaders.

However, they are quick to become angry and can be unstable. They appear to have success as they age, but they may fail in relationships.

5. Face with a square-shaped shape

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You’re square-faced shape if you’ve got a wide jawline and hairline. The people with square faces are also known as the earth face since they are down-to-earth and able to make decisions as well as trustworthy and competitive.

They’re not easily influenced by others and tend to be cautious at times.

6. Face with a round shape

It is easy to tell if you have a round-face shape when you have a long hairline with a nearly equal fullness under the cheekbones.

People with round faces tend to be friendly and consider others before considering themselves.

It could mean that you don’t know your boundaries, giving more than you get in exchange. Be sure to remind yourself that you deserve the same amount of love and respect that you show, and you must be able to expect to be treated with respect.

7. Oval-shaped face

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Many people consider the oval the ideal facial shape, and it is the most flexible for hairstyles. An oval face If your face measures three parts long and two parts wide. The length of the face measures around 1/3 less than the length. You don’t have any corners on your face.

If you’re an oval individual, You know the best word to use and will always make people feel at home and at ease. You’re a person with a high I.Q. and have lots of ideas and are incredibly polite.

However, you may be too focused on saying the right things, and you can tell your listeners what they would like to hear.


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