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10 Most Insane World Records You Might Be Wondering About

Hello everybody. The time has arrived to discover The 10 Most Insane World Records.

The Guinness Book was first created in 1955 and has some of the most bizarre records by humans! In Guinness World Records Guinness World Records, there are genuinely unique records that have prompted, over time, individuals to pull off the most bizarre tricks and impossible feats to attempt to join in.

Let’s examine the ten world records that are the most insane ever!

#10 The majority of coconuts were smashed up around one person and blindfolded


This record is so risky that we never thought anyone would think of it! A lot of coconuts are thrown at one person in blindfolds!

Karim Jet Singh holds the record for 35 coconuts being destroyed or about one person within 60 seconds! The record was established in 2014 and is yet to be broken.

#9 16 concrete blocks are broken off on the chest

This is the record for the largest quantity of concrete blocks placed on the chests and then destroyed by the sledgehammer.

This person (Ali Bahcetepe) was able to have himself destroyed by 16 large concrete blocks and the help of a six-and-a-half kilo sledgehammer.


This record surpassed the expectations of everyone all of the blocks were destroyed within 4.7 seconds. This set a New world record!

#8 Highest goal


The Dude Perfect boys Dude Perfect broke the world record set by Brett Stanford for the highest score.

In actuality, the boys threw the basketball a high 162 meters in height, making it a brand new Guinness World record!

#7 Trapped by a horse when it was on the blaze


Austrian stuntman Yosef Toddling has broken many other records but this one is definitely the most amazing. Horses pulled him for 500 meters at 35 kilometers per hour. All after lighting himself on fire! It’s pretty incredible to be a world record holder; as we’ve seen, anything is possible!

#6 Dived 11 meters high into a shallow pool that was only 30 centimeters high

This stuntman Darren Taylor dived from the stunning height of 11 meters into a pool that was only 30 centimeters!

Youtube.com/ITN Archive

This dip was probably extremely painful!

The jump was made from a four-story structure, and it was determined that at the time of contact with the water, the speed of the jump was 53 km per hour!

#5 Concrete blocks that are broken on the head

John Ferraro broke the world’s record for breaking a block of concrete on the head by using bowling balls.


The record was made by placing concrete blocks on his head, and then an assistant dropped the 7.3-weight bowling ball onto his head and broke the blocks.

#4 Cut an Apple inside your mouth with a chainsaw while you’re blindfolded!

The record isn’t known, and we aren’t even sure of the method of recording it. It is the result of placing an apple into your mouth, then cutting it up with chainsaws, in blindfold!

www.youtube.com/ITN Archive

The record was created in 2016 and is currently five apples cut in just 60 seconds!

I’m confident that even a tiny error here could be disastrous!

#3 A woman with the highest number of tattoos

and is also the most pierced female globally. 5.920. The beautiful beauty.

More than 3 kilograms in weight, for an astonishing number of earrings, tucked into the same amount of holes inside the body.


Where the sun doesn’t shine, there are 500!

To be fair and to ensure equal opportunities (for records belong to the sexier sexes amazing!) The male with the highest number of tattoos is Cuban Luis Antonio Aguero. But that’s still a distance from Elaine Davidson, as he only has 230 tattoos. One hundred seventy-five of them are on his face.

#2 The skydiving experience in outer space!

Felix Baumgartner holds five world records, but this is the most bizarre.


On the 14th of October 2014, he set his Guinness record for the highest skydiving in history when he jumped 39 km. He was suspended in space!

In a dive, it reached 1342 kilometers per hour!

The first to break through the sound barrier with no vehicle power!

Do you want to beat this record?

#1 Fastest sprint on fire

We’ve all heard about the iconic 100m sprint but think of the possibility of taking this routine to the next stage.


Anthony Britton, aided by his fellow runners and teammates, completed the 100 meters engulfed by flames. He thus set the Guinness world record for the fastest sprint in flames.

Your opinion is, what was the most bizarre Guinness World Record among all these?


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