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These Pets Become Heroes for their Extraordinary Human saving Attempts (10 Stories)

Humans are bonding with animals in a strange manner and so are their beloved animals.  The best way to prove this is through these 10 instances where the Pets became heroes for their impressive human-saving attempts.  

#1 In honor of Patron’s work, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky presented him with a medal


Patron is a two-year-old Russell terrier who serves in the Ukrainian civil defense service. Thanks to his instincts the Ukrainian civil defense service was able to find numerous explosives implanted which is why he was given a medal by the president. 

#2 Artemis the golden retriever helped find sisters lost in the woods

Mary C Bourg Facebook

 Abigail and Cecilia Bourg were following their golden retriever Artemis and they lost their way. The frightened girls try to find solace in each other while their parents inform the authorities of the absence of the kids. However, it was thanks to the sharp and loud bark of Artemis they were able to find the kids.

#3 TTirado’s final mission 


Tirado is a dog who served in Indianapolis International Airport for nearly eight years and due to the excellent service, he gave the airport he was given the chance to play and chase tennis balls. He retired afterward but the staff wanted to make his day special.

#4 Bravery of the Belgian Malinois Eva


Eva is a Belgian Malinois who was the pet of Erin Wilson. They had to face a fatal incident on their hike to Northern California as they met a mountain lion. Eva fought selflessly to save her human and weeks after the fight Eva closed her eyes forever. 

#5 Fred Everitt was saved by his cat from an outbreak

Fred Everitt was awakened suddenly by the strange meowing of his cat Bandit. Bandit’s behavior was very different and he tried to lead Fred downstairs as he did so he saw two burglars trying to come into his house. However, with Fred coming down they’ve run away and that’s all thanks to Bandit’s alert. 

#6 Ethan gets the Hero Dog Award from American Humane


Ethan was a dog found in the Kentucky animal shelter’s parking lot. The Callaways adopted him and cared for him with love and he overcame lots of difficulties. He was given the Hero Dog Award from American Humane due to his strength. 

#7 Max saved his owner because of his barking beacon


Max is a Labrador who was the pet of Sherry Noppe once Sherry lost her way while exploring George Bush Park in Texas with Max but thanks to Max’s barking the rescuers were able to find them.

#8 Maverick, the K-9 officer dog saves a lost boy 

Union County Sheriff’s Office, Monroe, NC Facebook

Maverick, the K-9 officer dog serving in the Union County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina was given the task to find a lost boy and he soon started tracking a long way for the scent of the kid. Due to Maverick’s excellent skills, he found the boy in the woods who was dying to go home.

#9 Skipper saves  home from a huge disaster

Evonne Felder Pugh

Skipper is a 6-month-old puppy who once showed very agitated behavior towards the house he lived in. The owners thought that was because of the guests who were in the house that day. But when she looked outside she saw the grill area was in flames and soon called the firefighters to extinguish it. It was all thanks to Skipper’s strange behavior. 

#10 Bunny the faithful savior 

Bunny is a stray pit bull adopted by Chad Mason. Mason had a stroke around one year later he adopted Bunny and he collapsed in the bathroom. He opened the front door with the intention of sending Bunny to call for help. And as expected Bunny ran out and barked until a neighbor came with him to help his owner. Mason was saved thanks to Bunny’s faithfulness. 

These stories fascinate us to the extent that we believe the animals are way more faithful and loving than most of the humans around us, isn’t that so? 


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