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Street Food Lovers Sharing these Cities You Can Find the Best Street Food Experience Around the Globe

Who says you have to go to expensive restaurants to taste the best local food? Especially when we travel, we look to have a great experience without spending too much money. No need to do that when you can enjoy great food for very little money. You can get that wonderful experience through street stalls and food trucks. Here we have listed some of the Cities You Can Find the Best Street Food Experience according to travelers.

Food, in general, is led to the emergence of a greater knowledge of culture and heritage, people and place. Street food instinctually entices us to discover, to venture even farther away from the center than we may have alternatively so that we can make more personal findings not only regarding the flavor profile of local cuisine but also regarding the principle of the cultural contexts they depict.

Cities You Can Find the Best Street Food Experience


Samosa, also known as Singara, is a South Asian fried or baked pastry filled with savory ingredients such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, beef, and other meats, or veggies. Region to region, it can take various shapes such as wedge-shaped, cone, or half-moon. this is probably one of the most popular Asian street foods.

The Street Food

Acaraje`- BRAZIL

It is made of peeled beans or black-eyed lentils shaped into a ball, deep-fried in dendé palm oil, cut in half, and filled with mouth-watering, spicy mixtures containing a variety of flavorings.

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Dumplings – CHINA

Chinese dumplings are filled packages created of flour dough with savory ingredients such as minced meat, egg, tofu, or veggies. Dumplings can be prepared as boiled, fried in a pan, or steamed.


Hoppers – SRI LANKA

Sri Lankan Hoppers are made in a variety of shapes and sizes. We can see Traditional hoppers in bowl-shape or funnel-shape. Sri Lankan pancakes Egg hoppers, vegetable hoppers, and sweet hoppers can all be filled.

Authentic World Food


Vietnam’s “Cha Ca” is a well-known authentic delicacy that you must try while in Hanoi. This, unlike other common street food, is a gift from the sea, with fresh fish as its main ingredient.

Street Food Around The World

Nasi Campur – BALI

Bali is obviously among the Cities You Can Find the Best Street Food Experience. Nasi Campur is a catch-all term for any rice dish served with a variety of meats or vegetables. It is not a Bali-specific term; rather, it is an Indonesian one. Street hawkers typically sell Nasi Campur in brown wrapping paper or a banana leaf folded into a cone.

Uncle Chan Bali

Sugarcane Juice – EGYPT

Egypt’s well-known “Sugarcane juice” is an ambiguous and hygroscopic liquid that ranges in color from brown color to deep green and is obtained by pressing sugarcane stalks. This special juice is primarily filtered into sugar, but a portion of it is consumed by humans as juices or alcohol.

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