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These Male KPop Haircuts were Found Popular Around the World

The majority of Westerners are now sporting Korean haircuts, which are gaining popularity for a good reason: they’re gorgeous. Since the breakthrough of boy bands like others, the Kpop industry has experienced meteoric growth. In the K-pop beauty industry, fans may find a wide variety of hairdos that have both Western and Asian influences. Here are some Male KPop Haircuts that have been found popular all around the world.

The Medium’s male K-pop hairstyles, inspired by Korean barbering


Maybe you should give this “Medium” cut a shot before committing to anything. You keep your hair at an appropriate length, neither too short nor too long to manage. For the dudes out there who are torn between getting a buzz cut and letting their hair grow out, here’s a solution.

K-pop haircuts are typically layered, tousled, and tapered.


K-pop hairstyles may be summed up in three words: layered, tousled, and tapered. These are the foundations of the most common K-pop trends, as they always produce a chic, up-to-date, and attractive overall appearance.

Split bangs and a tousled, voluminous topcoat

The two-block cut, which features a longer top, is the foundation of many trendy haircuts among Korean guys. Add volume to your waves or curls by brushing your hair forward and adding texturizing mousse or gel.

Undercut Mohawk Coiffure


This is one of the Korean men’s hairstyles that will likely be popular for a very long time. This is for the dudes who rock a subtle yet bold punk appearance and want to show it off. There is shorter hair on both sides, with long hair in the middle.

In this case, we’re talking about the “Quiffed” do.

Many men choose to have a quiff because it is both dapper and on-trend. A lengthy mane of hair is worn above. However, the hair on the sides and back of the back is kept short of creating this style.

The Fringe Curtain Haircut


For this look, you’ll need to grow out your bangs so that they drape precisely over your forehead and frame your face.

Parting your hair down the middle will ensure that your bangs fall evenly on either side of your face, which is the key to a clean and well-styled fringe.

Two-Block-Cut Mess

Tom Wang/Shutterstock

The Messy Two Block Cut is a popular cut among K-pop stars. You can pull off this look if The top and crown of the head have longer hair than the back and sides, which are buzzed short. 

Central Slit with Side-Framed Bangs

Stock Holm/Shutterstock

Combining high-end aesthetics to create one-of-a-kind and current ensembles. Take this simple K-pop hairdo, for instance. If your hair is already straight, you may just part it and dry the bangs so that they fall out of your eyes.

Bursts of color on long, tangled waves.


This look highlights texture with long, unkempt waves at the crown that are boosted by a good amount of natural volume. In contrast to the bigger top, a burst fade around the ears draws in style and sculpts and chisels your jawline.

Layers of Soft Texture, Parted on the Side

Korean men’s hairstyles benefit greatly from the addition of layers, which give hair movement and a gentle yet defined structure. In the front, feathery layers assist the style fan out and create a sweeping contour around the face.


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