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People Have Shared these 20 Pictures of Extraordinary Weather Events in an Online Group

Whether is the most unpredictable phenomenon in nature. Even if we predict it doesn’t remain the same. Whether is like a package of surprises and events. This is about some pictures of extraordinary weather events which were shared in an online group.

This online community will obviously uplift your interest in nature to the next level. That’s how beautiful some of those captures are. Also, people who have taken these extraordinary photographs should have a special level of skill and a creative eye. So we need to appreciate them for capturing these rare weather events as we all can see them.

Take a look at some of the most amazing captures among them in the gallery below

For more information please visit this community on Reddit

#1 “Texas, May 17, 2021; credit to storm-chaser Laura Rowe”

spinosaurus_love via Reddit

#2 “60,000′ high supercell in west Texas, gearing up to spawn a tornado and hailstorm”

GSyncNew via Reddit

#3 “This phenomenal image is a stack of 32 shots taken over 40 minutes during a lightning storm in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia”

depth_of_fendy via Instagram

#4 “Boom 🌩 Boom”

NelsonMcNabb via Reddit

#5 “Can anyone explain how this ice is formed on our car windscreen. The weather was raining then froze quickly but only to around -1c”

theroch_ via Reddit

#6 “A Crazy Twister in Wyoming, United States of America”

PrinceofUranus0 via Reddit

#7 “Rainbow”

toddotodd via Reddit

#8 “Its that time of year. Getting pumped for the 2020 season. This shot is from McCook, Nebraska in May of 2019. I shot this with my Nikon D850”


#9 “Crepuscular ray and lightning over Thessaloniki, Greece. Storm is coming”

PatatasFrittas via Reddit

#10 “What made the light look like that (They were not like that before or the next day) mideast Sweden a week ago”

HMD_086 via Reddit

#11 “Stormy Sunset, Wild Horses Beach, North Carolinas”

Whanksta via Reddit

#12 “Amazing photo by Adam Kyle Jackson”

PoppersOfCorn via Reddit

#13 “Supercell near Leoti, KS”

Mikashuki via Reddit

#14 “Florida(St Petersburg)”

BrentBphotography via Reddit

#15 “Congratulations to this tree that definitely just got superpowers”

averygillisart via Reddit

#16 “Incoming storm Sioux Falls, SD. Photo Cr. Alex Resel”

Mikashuki via Reddit

#17 “Photo taken in Oahu, Hawaii by Benji Barnes”

TheRoyalDon via Reddit

#18 “Tornado captured west of Akron, Colorado”

Nenah Demunster

#19 “Triple Spouts – Gulf of Mexico/Alabama Coast”

Mice_Heliummm via Reddit

#20 “Lightning strikes over Colima, Mexico”

Extreme_Truth_ via Reddit

“lightning strikes over Colima, Mexico in just 5 minutes on July 14, 2020. These incredible photos show over 50 forks of lightning striking a city in just five minutes – in a storm being dubbed “The Night of a Thousand Forks”. The amazing, panoramic photos over the valley shows the whole sky light up”


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