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Dog Photography Awards 2022, See these Most Beautifull Winning Captures

The Dog Photography Awards is a highly-anticipated annual competition that recognizes and promotes the talents of dog photographers from all over the world. The contest is open to professional, amateur, and student photographers, and takes place monthly, allowing photographers to submit their best dog photos to be considered for the annual awards.

The 2022 Dog Photography Awards featured four different categories: Portrait & Landscape, Studio, Action, and Dogs & People. The competition was fierce, with a large number of submissions from photographers around the world. The selection process was carried out by a panel of expert judges who specialized in dog photography. They had the challenging task of choosing the top three photos in each category, from the thousands of submissions received.

The winners of the 2022 Dog Photography Awards are some of the most stunning dog images you’ll ever see. From portraits of dogs in their natural habitats to action shots capturing the agility and grace of these beloved animals, the winning photos showcase the unique beauty and personalities of dogs in a way that is truly special. The competition also includes a category of Dogs & People to showcase the bond between dogs and humans.

In conclusion, the Dog Photography Awards is a fantastic opportunity for dog photographers of all levels to showcase their talents and have their work recognized by experts in the field. The winning photos are a testament to the skill and creativity of the photographers and are sure to delight anyone who loves dogs. If you’re a dog lover or a photography enthusiast, be sure to check out the winners of the 2022 Dog Photography Awards and enjoy the beauty of these beloved animals captured through the lens of some of the world’s best photographers.

Some of the most exquisite dog pictures you’ll ever see are among this year’s winners.

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#1 1st Place, Action Category – “She is Bagheera” By Francesco Junior Mura

© Francesco Junior Mura / www.dogphotographyawards.com

#2 1st Place, Portrait & Landscape Category – “The avalanche rescuedog” By Dalia Fichmann

© Dalia Fichmann / www.dogphotographyawards.com

#3 1st Place, Studio Category – “Things are looking up” By Su Kaye

© Su Kaye / www.dogphotographyawards.com

#4 1st Place, Dogs & People Category – “Unconditional Love” By Sabrina Theden

© Sabrina Theden / www.dogphotographyawards.com

#5 2nd Place, Action Category – By Kjara Kocbek

© Kjara Kocbek / www.dogphotographyawards.com

#6 2nd Place, Portrait & Landscape Category – By Sophia Hutchinson

© Sophia Hutchinson / www.dogphotographyawards.com

#7 2nd Place, Studio Category – “MIMI’S BACKSTORY” By Jane Thomson

© Jane Thomson / www.dogphotographyawards.com

#8 2nd Place, Dogs & People Category – By Sarah Ebner

© Sarah Ebner / www.dogphotographyawards.com

#9 3rd Place, Action Category – By Julia Haßelkuß

© Julia Haßelkuß / www.dogphotographyawards.com

#10 3rd Place, Portrait & Landscape Category – By Joanne Liu

© Joanne Liu / www.dogphotographyawards.com

#11 3rd Place, Studio Category – By Daniela Schmid

© Daniela Schmid / www.dogphotographyawards.com

#12 3rd Place, Dogs & People Category – By Russell Charters

© Russell Charters / www.dogphotographyawards.com


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