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Have You Tried These Most Famous European Foods

European food culture is very vivid because it spreads among several countries such as France, Italy, and Greece. When you travel through Europe you can see how they have adapted recipes from other countries which are also European countries yet they have beautifully innovated them adding unique flavors. So here are some of the Most Famous European Foods that you should definitely experience one day.

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#1 Neapolitan Pizza

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Pizza is now very famous all over the world and there is no country that does not have pizza but if you want to taste original pizza which is quite unique and different from what we taste you should definitely travel to Italy as they have the best pizza in the world. Neapolitan pizza is extra special from that as well because it has a chewy texture which is very delicious. The toppings can be customized as you want.

#2 French Fries

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I know you might be wondering how french fries are related to Europe but what you don’t know is that french fries have their roots in Europe. The origin of french fries in Belgium. Even though french fries are very simple and easy to make, even Belgians might not have thought that french fries would be this famous all over the world.

#3 Polish Pierogi

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Poland is one of the countries where you can experience unique European food and Polish Pierogi is one of the most prominent and famous cuisines that you should definitely try. You can consider this to be the national food in Poland and it is a sort of dumpling that is filled with different types of fillings. Many people who travel to Europe recommend this to be tried even once.

#4 Currywurst

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Currywurst can also be introduced as one of the European delicacies each and every one of us should definitely try. Even though there is no specific country where it originated, this dish has lots of flavors mixed from different countries. The main thing about this dish is the curry that is covering the sausage and most of the time it is served with French fries which are very famous all over Europe and America.

#5 Croissant

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France is one of the countries which has the top cuisine in the world and one of the most famous French cuisines can be the croissants. It is actually a pastry that you should definitely try if you go to Europe. Most of the time people prefer this as a breakfast and sometimes as lunch as well. It is served with sweet substances such as jam and chocolate and also there are croissants with meat and cheese too. 

Here I have forwarded you the food cultures that you should not forget to experience if you step into one of these European countries and I am quite sure that you will crave more. 


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