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10 crazy ice cream world records which are still to beat

Numerous individuals all over the globe. Enjoy a tasty bowl of ice cream. The average American consumes 5.5 gallons of ice cream per year, which is second only to the 7.5 gallons consumed per person in New Zealand. Here are some crazy ice cream world records which are still to beat. That means You can try to beat one.

Since everyone loves ice cream, it’s no surprise that people all across the world try to set new world records every year. Are you prepared to find out about some of these records and perhaps begin planning how to break them?

#1 The most years spent working as an ice cream vendor is 67. A. Allan Ganz


World recognition is well deserved for Allan Ganz’s ice cream delivery record of 67 years (1947-2014). One might make the case that Ganz is also deserving of recognition for having to listen to the same ice cream truck melody for the better part of three decades.

#2 The Iciest Cones Have the Most Evenly Distributed Scoops of Ice Cream

crazy ice cream world records

In 2016, Dimitri Panciera of Italy topped the world with a single ice cream scoop that measured 6 feet 4 feet tall and 1 meter and a half across. He nevertheless managed to set a new world record in 2017. 

Watch the scene Here,


#3 Fastest Ice Cream Consumption Record: 6 Minutes

In 2017, during the Indiana State Fair, Miki Sudo ate 16.5 gallons of ice cream in under 6 minutes, setting a new world record. She accomplished this feat by consuming precisely 2.75 pints (or nearly 1/3 of a gallon) per minute!

#4 Human ice cream cone at its largest


On the 18th of December, 2019, as part of the debut of their new ice cream product, Nestle (China) LTD Ice Cream assembled 478 people dressed in matching colors to make a human ice cream cone. The “scoop,” or spout, was 9 meters long, and the cone itself was 15 meters high.

#5 Extremely Tall Ice Cream Cone


In 2015, Hennig-Olsen Was AS, and Trond L Woien of Norway broke the record for the world’s largest ice cream cone with a creation that was 3 yards Measured in centimeters from the bottom’s cone to the peak of the scoop.

#6 Bigest ice cream sundae

This record goes to Palm Diaries Ltd, Canada. They make an Icecream sundae with 24.91 Metric Tonnes. This was conducted under the direction of Mike Rogiani in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 24 July 1988.

#7 Sundae with the Most Ice Cream

At the 2018 Spirit of Texas Festival in Wolf Pen Creek, Texas, a record-breaking ice cream sundae was constructed, measuring a whopping 1 mile in length. There were 20,000 cherries and 500 gallons of ice cream in the mixture.

#8 Extremely Massive Ice Cream Cone Tower


Diplom-Is AS of Sweden achieved this milestone in 2017. The pyramid was 3 feet 7 inches tall, had 23 levels, and weighed a total of 1,102 pounds. The pyramid was constructed by a workforce of 278 individuals.

#9 Longest Sundae of Ice Cream


During the 2018 Spirit of Texas Festival in Wolf Pen Creek, Texas, an ice cream sundae was constructed that was 1 mile in length, breaking the previous record by over 100 feet. There were a total of 20,000 cherries in the mixture, along with 500 gallons of ice cream and 2,000 cans of whipped topping.

#10 The World’s Longest Line of Ice Cream Lovers

Creativity is essential for setting new benchmarks. The record-breaking event was held at Morelli’s Portstewart in the UK (also known as the Ice Palace), which served ice cream to 2,728 people.

Given the warm weather and lengthy summers, it’s not surprising that many people like cold sweets. So Ice cream comes as a great summer treat. 

Are you like ice cream? Then how about we have some healthy rivalry? Now, these ice cream fans decided to do more than just eat their favorite treat; they wanted to make history. If you want to break a Guinness World Record that hasn’t been broken yet, you can try.


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