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10 Best Diving Locations You Should Try At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Shipwrecks, nudibranchs, and terrifying trips under massive glaciers — scuba diving gives you a different perspective of the natural world. Here’s our guide to finding the best diving locations around the world.

1. The famous sardine run in South Africa

It’s a modest animal; however, the sardine can take pride in lions or buffalo herds to shame. Every year, around June, massive groupings of millions of marine fish tall and miles long are seen swimming along the South African coast towards Mozambique. It’s among nature’s most spectacular sights.

Best diving locations
Best diving locations

This massive school of fish is home to numerous sharks that are hungry dolphins, bluefish, and tuna, among others.

2. The unspoiled Gulf of Aqaba, Jordan

Best diving locations

Between the deserted areas in northern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, the Red Sea is one of the most sought-after diving destinations in the world. Beginning at its northern edge, it is the Gulf of Aqaba boasts some of the best and most untouched coral reefs.

3. The big blue hole that is Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman

The waters surrounding Little Cayman are among the most crystal clear in the Caribbean and the world.

Best diving locations

The top of the reef is flat and shallow, approximately 8m deep. But when you reach the edge, you’re looking down into the abyss, straight down a vertical 2000m rock of coral. Swimming over the drop-off is a unique experience. A dip through this stunning blue hole is the closest to skydiving underwater as it gets.

4. Palancar Reef, Mexico -one of the top diving around the globe

Best diving locations

The island is located just off Cozumel and is filled with marine life. Palancar is only a tiny portion of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Divers who are experienced and novices will be able to enjoy hours of intense exploring of this unique and diverse ecosystem.

5. Close-up of sharks from the Maldives

The stunningly turquoise waters here contain more than two thousand species of fish, including serpent-like moray eels, massive whale sharks, and massive, beautiful manta Rays. With visibility of up to 40 meters, This diving spot is where you can spot the most fantastic diving around the globe.

Reef sharks are among the most popular attractions in the Maldives and are an excellent bet not to be antagonistic toward divers. They can reach 2 meters long. When the immediate thoughts of Jaws have gone away, and you are gliding across the crystal clear Indian Ocean only meters from the magnificent predator as it weaves through the coral is thrilling.

6. The remote Tubbataha Reef, The Philippines

Suppose you’re looking to experience some of the most thrilling, exciting scuba diving experiences. In that case, Tubbataha Reef Marine Park, located in the Sulu Sea, is the place to begin. Inaccessible to the land and located about 200km southwest of Puerto Princesa in Palawan, this World Heritage Site is only accessible via live-aboard vessels.


One of the top diving spots anywhere in the world, Tubbataha Reef offers night dives, deep dives, drift dives, and much much more. Its isolation ensures that tour divers are not flooding it. Even in peak times, it’s likely to be one of a handful of small boats that operate in the region.

7. Scuba dive with sea turtles within Sipadan, Malaysia

Sipadan Island is Malaysia’s only island in the ocean. At this dive spot, you’re bound to find something you’ve never seen before. This dive spot is known for its colossal resident number of hawksbill and green sea turtles. Additionally, it is home to numerous coral reef sharks and stunning reef sharks. It is located within the Sulu Sea off the northeastern coast of Borneo. It’s the ideal location to visit Kapalai and Mabul’s nearby islands. Mabul.


8. For adrenaline seekers — Pacific Harbour, Fiji

Most divers see an elusive glimpse of sharks within Fiji, typically smaller blacktip or nurse sharks roaming along the reef’s edge. To see the bigger males – four-meter tiger sharks, or the intimidating bull sharks, it is necessary to breathe deeply and go towards Pacific Harbour. Just offshore is a stretch of water that provides the most thrilling shark diving experience and some of the most spectacular diving around the globe.


You will find incredible diving spots that offer the possibility of encountering as many as eight of the ocean’s most feared predators without a cage or chainmail to safeguard you.

9. Caves under the sea in Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand

Jacques Cousteau championed the Poor Knights Islands as one of the world’s top ten dive spots. In addition, with their warm waters, crystal clear visibility, and an array of underwater attractions, his choice is not difficult to understand. The area is home to the most varied array of marine life.


10. Scuba dive into the frozen White Sea, Russia

The ice diving experience in the White Sea is probably the most memorable moment you’ll experience diving underwater. Its northernmost region is a place of wonder and exploration once the colder weather sets in. During these months, you can see the White Sea completely freezes over, attracted by divers.



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