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10 Amazing places in the world you might not have visit before

Pandemic-induced travel restrictions are finally over, and people are slowly but surely getting on trains and flying. It’s hot, and you can add another memorable adventure to your bucket list.

There are many amazing places in the world, so it might prove not easy to choose just one. This post lists some of the most stunning places on Earth, including remote corners, natural wonders, historical sites, and buzzing cities.

We have an amazing collection of photos thanks to the Facebook page Amazing Locations and the beloved subreddit Faraway Places.

#1 Aurora Borealis in Lapland Starting February of this Year

Amazing places in the world

#2 Fuji Mountain

#3 Avenue Of The Baobabs (Madagaskar)

Let’s all hope that the pandemic-induced travel restrictions are now behind us. With summer in full swing, there will likely be a few travel destinations on your bucket list. As we have seen in this post, there are many places you can visit, and, likely, one lifetime will not suffice.

It’s better to start sooner than later. This interview with Katie Donnelly, a professional photographer based out of Paris and author of The Authentic Portrait: A Parent’s Guide to Documenting Childhood, may prove to be very helpful. Talking about everything, from vacation photos to traveling, we also discussed the importance of having great vacation photos. We always want to bring back a little bit of the adventure, no matter how wonderful it is, while it’s still happening. Photographs are the best way of doing that.

#4 Iceland


#5 Norway


#6 Colors. Plitvice Lakes National Park. Croatia

Travel and adventures are wonderful, and you only get better when you have the opportunity to go home and live it every day. Paris is a dream destination for many of our clients, who want to return daily. Donnelly shared with us that Paris is a place that makes them feel happy every day.

#7 Lofoten, Norway

DAVID NIKEL via Forbes

#8 Northern Lights in Tromso (Norway)


#9 Tuscany, Italy

Getty Images

She argues that travel is something we also want to share with our loved ones. You can share photos from your phone via social media or professional photography. People are more inclined to travel now than ever before and want to share the joy and freedom they feel on vacation in a place they love.

#10 Magical Sunset in Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada)



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