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Why recycling is a must, See these photos

The world we are living in isn’t clean and pleasant as we wish it to be. Due to our carelessness with insatiable desires and egocentric needs, We have collectively devastated our environment and even though we don’t even think about it, environmental pollution has become the top cause of death globally in the present.

Because we discharge oil, into the rivers, the papers we throw on the floor, and the polythene, which we throw all over there are a lot of innocent animals putting themselves at risk for their lives. I’m certain that we will soon see an era when we are asked to be responsible for paying the price of the oxygen we breathe.

The way people used to dump their garbage everywhere while enjoying their lives comfortably in their air-conditioned houses is unsettling because we all haven’t practiced enough to consider anything else than our own happiness and comfort. We do not feel the effects of environmental pollution since we aren’t the ones suffering because we don’t have pure water to drink. It’s not our house that was destroyed, and it’s not us who must provide our children with dirt!

It was found that 1 million seabirds, and 100 million mammals, have been affected by pollution. If we do not address this issue immediately, we will all have to suffer as if nothing happened in the coming years. All the forests and glaciers will surely be gone, as will all creatures of the earth. Humanity will be starting to feel the effects at this point and then have no time to save our own lives.

The images below will demonstrate the real world all around us that we rarely used to see. Take a look and then decide what you can do and how you can contribute to avoiding this catastrophe.

A turtle trapped in plastics

Image Source: www.huffpost.com

Cotton bud inside a body of jellyfish

Image Source: www.ngobiz.org

A fish trapped in a polythene glove

Fish trapped in a plastic ring

Image Source: Karen Doody/Stocktrek Images via Getty Images

Stork trapped in a plastic bag

Image Source: Getty Images

Bunch of plastics founded inside a body of a dead bird

Image Source: Dan Clark/Planet Pix/ZUMA

Polythene bag hanging a fish caramel

Image Source: www.nationalgeographic.com photograph by THOMAS P. PESCHAK, NAT GEO IMAGE COLLECTION

Seal trapped by a fishing net


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