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why pigs as pets can be very social and lovable?

Pigs are cute animals, they are lovely and crazy as pets. not only dogs and cats but also pigs’ behavior is feeling deep emotions people. people can enjoy their characteristics. They most like outdoor games.

Its shape is smaller than piglets, then they are loved by people. But they are big in adults ages.

After growing people do not attend them. Because people like piglet age. These pictures prove that. Also, not only their appearance but also they are very intelligent animals. They hope for much love and much attention from their master. If not give love and attention they make trouble. It proves they are extremely emotional and sensitive. I heard about an incident, one pig suffered from depression. The reason was its family took a vacation without it.


 If you want to walk with a piglet you can train and tie a chain and can be dragged. Pigs are very much like food. They keep their attention on the place of their food and keep the master. If they feel hungry, they search for that place. So they make a mess of that place and make anger master.

In the early days, people used pigs for meals. So people didn’t identify correctly their innocent, cute behaviors. now, most people didn’t get  a meal that animals

Pigs are vegetarian animals. they are notorious for getting their meal everywhere and tipping their water bowls. Also, they can be bathed with gentle human products such as baby shampoo or soap.

Some people get pigs to their circus. They are very sociable and make funny wearing circus costumes. Also easy to train them, they do most funny and cute activities. So they earn more income for their masters and get the attraction of viewers. It proves pigs are very intelligent animals.


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