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How Many Of These World’s 25 Best Dishes Have You Actually Tried Before?

Are you a foodie? Maybe you are not. But we all are pleased with having something delicious to enjoy. The variety of foods around the world is amazing. It has been bonded with the cultures and it has made Food cultures all around the world.

Have a look at these world’s best 25 dishes. How many of them have you tried before? Don’t forget to comment below.

1. Buttered popcorn

2. Masala dosa

3. Potato chips

4. som tam

5. Seafood paella

6. Tacos

7. Buttered toast

8. Poutine

9. Tofu

10. Chicken parm

11. Hummus

12. Fish and Chips

13. Ankimo

14. Parma ham

15. Pho

16. Fajitas

17. Lasagna

18. Croissant

19. Kebabs

20. Donuts

21. Sushi

22. Hamburger

23. Pizza

24. Massaman curry

25. Corn on the cob


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